Geotechnical and engineering software

Static and dynamic analyses of drained and undrained stresses and deformations in soil, rock and building structures including consolidation by using the Finite Element Method (two-dimensional and three-dimensional):
Program system PLAXIS (2D PLAXIS 2010, PLAXIS 3D, 3D PLAXIS Tunnel, 3D PLAXIS  Foundation, PLAXIS GiD, PLAXFLOW) (BAUGRUND DRESDEN is beta tester for PLAXIS BV)

Steady state and transíent ground water flow including transports of material and pollutants by using the Finite Difference Method (three-dimensional):
Groundwater Modelling System (GMS Version 5) (MODFLOW, MODPATH)

Geologic mapping, geostatistics (three-dimensional):

Steady state and transient ground water flows by using the Finite Element Method (two-dimensional):
Program system PLAXIS (PLAXFLOW in connection with 2D PLAXIS 2010), GU-Software (GGU-SS-FLOW2D, GGU-TRANSIENT in connection with GGU-STABILITY), GEO-SLOPE (SEEP/W in connection with SLOPE/W)

Stability of slopes:
GGU-Software (GGU-STABILITY in connection with GGU-SS-FLOW2D, GGU-TRANSIENT), GEO-SLOPE (SLOPE/W in connection with SEEP/W)

Settlements of foundations with interactions including one-dimensional consolidation:

Design of retaining structures and sheetings:
RIB-Software (LIMES, RTwalls), DC-Software (DC-Baugrube/Geotex/Gabion)

Design of soil nailings and slabs with subgrade reaction:
GGU-Software (GGU-NAIL, GGU-SLAB), DC-Software (DC-Nagel) 

Design of reinforced earth or gabion constructions:
DC-Software (DC-Geotex/Gabion) 

Design of pile foundations:
DC-Software (DC-Pfahl), RIB-Software (PFAHL)

Design of ground water lowering:
DC-Software (DC-Absenkung)

Design of rock fall protections:
Dr. Spang GmbH (Rockfall), Geobrugg (Ruvolum), Rocscience (Dips)

Stability analysis on boulders:
Rocscience: 3D-Surface-Wedges for Slopes (Swedge), Planar Sliding Stability for Slopes (RocPlane)

Evaluation of strenght parameters for rock, soil and discantimities according to the HOEK-BROWN criteria:
Rocscience (RocData)

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