Geotechnical and engineering software

Static and dynamic analyses of drained and undrained stresses and deformations in soil, rock and building structures including consolidation by using the Finite Element Method (two-dimensional and three-dimensional):
Program system PLAXIS (PLAXIS 2D, PLAXIS 3D, each in their respective current version; BAUGRUND DRESDEN is beta tester for PLAXIS BV)

Steady state and transíent ground water flow including transports of material and pollutants by using the Finite Difference Method (three-dimensional):
Groundwater Modelling System (GMS) (MODFLOW, MODPATH)

Steady state and transient ground water flows by using the Finite Element Method (two-dimensional):
Program system PLAXIS (PLAXFLOW in connection with PLAXIS 2D/3D), GGU-Software (GGU-SS-FLOW2D, GGU-TRANSIENT in connection with GGU-STABILITY), GeoStudio

Geological mapping, geostatistics (three-dimensional):

Stability of slopes:
GGU-Software (GGU-STABILITY in connection with GGU-SS-FLOW2D, GGU-TRANSIENT), GeoStudioDC-Software (DC-Böschung)

Settlements of foundations with mutual interactions including one-dimensional consolidation:

Design of retaining structures, sheeting and underpinning:
RIB-Software (LIMES), DC-Software (DC-Baugrube/Geotex/Gabion), GGU-Software (GGU-UNDERPIN)

Design of soil nailing and slabs with subgrade reaction:
GGU-Software (GGU-NAIL, GGU-SLAB), DC-Software (DC-Nagel) 

Design of reinforced earth or gabion constructions:
DC-Software (DC-Geotex/Gabion) 

Design of pile foundations:
DC-Software (DC-Pfahl/Pfahlrost)

Design of ground water lowering:
DC-Software (DC-Absenkung), PMWIN (3D Grundwasserströmungsmodell - MODFLOW)

Design of rock fall protection:
Dr. Spang GmbH (Rockfall), Geobrugg (Ruvolum), Rocscience (Dips)

Stability analysis of rock slopes:
Rocscience: 3D-Surface-Wedges for Slopes (Swedge), Planar Sliding Stability for Slopes (RocPlane)

Evaluation of strenght parameters for rock according to the HOEK-BROWN criteria:
Rocscience (RocData)

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