2001 – Stockpiles of uranium mining near Aue and Schlema


Safekeeping of stockpiles of uranium mining in the area of Aue and Schlema in the scope of securing and final depositing of uranium mining legacies in Eastern Germany

Construction period: since 1991


State Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Saxony
Department 54 (Radiation protection)
Wilhelm-Buck-Strasse 2
01097 Dresden
State Office of Environment and Geology
Department 44 (Natural radioactivity)
Zur Wetterwarte 11
01109 Dresden


  • Project management and co-operation as expert for soil mechanics, geohydrology, geochemistry, and radiation protection within the scope of the official expertise during the approval procedure for the stockpiles 13b, Hammerberg stockpile, stockpile at the Borbach dam, Großschurf 1, stockpile 38 old, stockpile 38 new

Period of activities: 1996 – 2001

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