History and Development of the Company

1991 Foundation of the engineering company emerging from the leading company for ground, soil mechanics and foundation engineering which was founded in 1954 in GDR
1991 Activities with special focus on the preparation of geotechnical reports, geotechnical consulting and the solution of geotechnical problems during design and execution of constructions
1993 Extension of activities in the course of rehabilitation plans for old mining areas, like investigation of contaminated sites, preparation of risk assessments, rehabilitation conceptions and direction of rehabilitation projects
1994 Extension of activities with comprehensive geotechnical consultancy and expert advice in the area of railway constructions, special focus on high speed railway lines with ballastless track
2000 Developing fields of activity in the area of hydraulic engineering, dike and dam construction, special focus on flood protection due to flood disasters over the last 15 years
2002 Withdrawal of the founding shareholder IGB Hamburg from the engineering company BAUGRUND DRESDEN by mutual agreement and acquisition of company shares solely by contributory shareholders
2005 Increased activities, also abroad, with comprehensive geotechnical and engineering consultancies in the area of railway constructions, road constructions, earthworks and foundation engineering and special foundation techniques


Shareholding of BAUGRUND DRESDEN in the company BAUGEO Ingenieurbüro für Baugrund und Geotechnik GmbH from Leipzig
2007 Foundation of the company BAUGRUND WIEN Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH with BAUGRUND DRESDEN as majority shareholder
2010 Establishing of the name BG Consulting Engineers for all companies and associated companies
2011 Full takeover of the company BAUGEO Baugrund Geotechnik GmbH by BAUGRUND DRESDEN