19.09.2018: "Engineering Offices from Saxony" at the 35th Baugrundtagung in Stuttgart

We are present at the Baugrundtagung again this year with our shared exhibition booth "Engineering Offices from Saxony". Together with the following companies and institutions we look forward to seeing you at our booth B.04:

BIUG Beratende Ingenieure für Umweltgeotechnik und Grundbau GmbH
Erdbaulabor Leipzig GmbH
FCB Fachbüro für Consulting und Bodenmechanik GmbH
GCE Geotechnisches Ingenieurbüro GCE Dipl.-Ing. A. Pampel GmbH
GIP Grundwasser-Ingenieurbau-Planung GmbH
G.U.B. Ingenieur AG
TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Institut für Geotechnik
VFG - Verein Freiberger Geotechniker e.V.

You can find further information on the history of our shared booth and an overview of our participation in past conventions at the website of the "Engineering Offices from Saxony".

11.07.2018: New municipal centre at Ferdinandplatz in Dresden

The Department of Construction and Estate Ageny began with the geotechnical investigations for the construction of the new municipal centre at the square Ferdinandplatz in Dresden on Tuesday (10.07.2018) (link to the news publication). Before the drillings can be executed, however, first the soil of the area has to be checked for possibly still explosive ordnance. Afterwards BAUGRUND DRESDEN will carry out the actual ground exploration and develop the geotechnical and waste technical reports.

29.06.2018: Open-Air 'Movie Nights at the Elbe River Banks'

On June 27th this year's open-air movie nights at the banks of the river Elbe opened again. Until August 26th countless movies will be shown on an approx. 16 m² LED portable screen. To ensure that the projection screen system stands on stable ground at the banks of the river, BAUGRUND DRESDEN has been assisting the organiser with the approval of the foundation from a geotechnical point of view for many years now.

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