2001 – Major ecological project in Dresden-Coschuetz/Gittersee


Remediation of the uranium factory 95 / tire plant
(total area 46 ha, thereof 21 ha with radioactive and chemical contamination) 
Major ecological project of the Free State of Saxony

Construction period: 1993 – 2000


State Capital Dresden Environmental Agency
Grunaer Strasse 2
01067 Dresden


  • Project and remediation management
  • Planning, preparation and execution of exploration
  • Rehabilitation concept and partial rehabilitation concepts
  • Applications for permit and performance of approval procedures
  • Conceptual formulation for planning and quality criteria of rehabilitation supervision of planning
  • Control and monitoring of rehabilitation
  • Conservation of evidence, documentation and assessment of rehabilitation results
  • Financial management

Period of activities: 1993 – 2001

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