2003 – Hazardous waste landfill Troebitz


Hazardous waste landfill Troebitz

Safekeeping of old waste deposits
Conditioning of oil sludges and relocation of conditioned masses for final deposition

Construction period: 2001 – 2005


LOBBE Deutschland GmbH & Co KG
Branch Spremberg
Drebkauer Strasse 9a
03130 Spremberg


  • Recommendations for deposition of conditioned sludges
  • Inspection of installed deposits according to the required parameters for external control
  • Assessment of large-scale tests and recommendations for operation
  • Laboratory tests: firmness calculation for different mixing ratios of oil sludges and ash
  • Definition of specific values suitable for conditioning evaluation
  • Conclusion for geotechnical stability of conditioned deposits

Period of activities: 2001 – 2003

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